Available jelly flavors

Extra jellies are the ones available after CSA member shares are filled each month.  Quantities are limited and when gone will return next season.  4 ounce (1/4 pint) jars may be ordered individually or as a gift set.  We'll be focused initially on Easley & surrounding areas this first season for local pickup.  Fill out the form below OR email us at thejellybees@gmail.com.

1-4 jars  $5 each OR mix & match a gift set of 5 jars  $23 (save $2)

Flavor                                Season

Chamomile Mint                Summer (out of stock)

Dandelion                          Summer

Forsythia                           Spring

Mimosa                             Summer, early (out of stock)

Redbud                             Spring (out of stock until 2021)

Rose Petal                        Summer

Spiced Elderberry             Summer (out of stock)

Tulsi (Holy Basil)               Summer (out of stock)

Violet                                 Spring (out of stock)

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