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Flower Jellies of Spring

Late blooming isn't something new to me! Kickstarting the jelly CSA was a bit delayed due to life circumstances & being blindsided by Covid-19. I knew doing jellies was a venture that I whole-heartedly wanted to dig into. BUT, with social distancing in place, I really wasn't sure if it would be flower-ful (fruitful...!). So, I decided to take a big leap of faith & dive in with both feet & green thumbs and fingers crossed that this will catch on like wildfire! And so our CSA Jelly Boxes were born. I harvested/gathered early Spring flowers to make jellies & other related treats trying to keep my big vision in mind & also balancing what our family/friends would want just in case it all goes bust. I processed the flowers into teas & froze them to wait for their day in the spotlight. This hasn't been completely sporadic though. I've been working on these jelly flavors for a few years & had a secret taste tester panel, getting honest input from my crew for which flavors hit the mark & which didn't. Keeping it close to the vest is something fairly new for me. I tend to be very transparent, wearing my emotions & aspirations on my sleeve hoping my friends will continue to take the plunge with me each time I change my course of focus. My family and friends have been very willing guinea pigs, taste testing each batch as I pull it together in hopes that each one will convey the magic of that particular flower or plant. More often than not, we've hit successful flavors, the newest out doing the previously thought favorites. Some are hard-pressed to pick a favorite flavor, which just makes my heart sing in the beauty that the flowers imbue into each jelly. The first month's jelly box flavors will be Wild Violet, Forsythia & Redbud. I'll write about each flower used in separate posts soon! Until then, be sure to step outside, smell & taste the flowers (only edible ones, of course!).

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